Adopted Retirement Policies

Calculating FAC and Creditable Service: Adopted 03.24.15

Definition of Employee: Adopted 01.01.15

DROP Policy: Adopted 05.21.14

Policy Guidelines for Definition of "Employee":  Adopted 12.09.10

Membership Information

The clerk of the supreme court, each of the courts of appeal, each of the district courts, and each of the city and traffic courts in cities having a population in excess of four hundred thousand, and the employees of such clerks, whether full-time or part-time, and the employees of the La. Clerks of Court Association, the Louisiana Clerks' of Court Retirement and Relief Fund, and the Louisiana Clerks of Court Insurance Fund, are required to become members of the system during service as such.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no waiting period or any other kind of delay between the date of employment and enrollment of membership in the retirement system.  All "employees" (see definition of "employee") must be enrolled as members of the retirement fund on and as of the date they are employed by a participating employer.

Each employee shall complete an "Application for Membership Form" as the time of employment.  Changes to the information contained on that form (changes in the member's address, designated beneficiary, name, marital status, etc.) shall be submitted to the system in writing on a "Member's Request for Change Form" that includes the member's signature in order to become effective.

Active Members Information

"Employee" means any deputy clerk, minute clerk, or other regular employee of a clerk or any employee of the Louisiana Clerks of Court Association, the Louisiana Clerks' Retirement and Relief Fund, and the Louisiana Clerks of Court Insurance Fund, who works more than an average of twenty hours (20) per week.

A member shall receive credit for all service rendered as a member of the system for which the required contributions have been paid and not withdrawn.

If a member who is not eligible to retire is terminated, the former member may apply for and obtain a refund of their accumulated employee contributions. However, no refund shall be paid until the information on the Request for Refund application has been verified and certified by the clerk for whom the former member was employed and the former member remains out of service for sixty days and until all contributions for said member have been paid into the fund. The payment of such a refund to the former member cancels all rights in the fund.

If a former member who had withdrawn their accumulated employee contributions again becomes a member of the fund, they may repay to the fund in a lump sum the amount they withdrew plus compounded interest at the rate of eight percent (8%) per year computed from the date of withdrawal. Upon such repayment, the member shall be credited for all service which was cancelled and forfeited at the time of the prior refund and all rights shall be restored. Further information on non-credited prior service and military service is contained in the Retirement Booklet or in La. R.S. 11:1517, and 11:15211:153.